Sunday, November 25, 2012

Its Been A While!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its Been A While since i open my blog... yah i think i have a lot to speak about and really let it out... but i guess i need a lot of time to write it...

well what can i say is... Im In Love .. and im happy... the love has never been strong as it now... tq God For your blessing and I am Happy To Still hold on to all of it till up today... Be Bless be love... have faith and Hold on to the things that you have faith on... you'll see the magic of it...

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Love You Have And Your Faith That You Hold On... And Hope You Breath Everyday


How Should One Define It???

Love Is Something That You Have Trust On ... Love Is Something That Makes You Cry And Smile...

It makes You Strong And Weak At The Same Time...

It Makes You Worry And CAre... It Makes You Feel Alive And It can Make YOu Feel Dry Too...

It Gives YOu Hope... It Gives You Trust ... It Gives YOu Life... It Gives You Reasons...

If Its Makes You Sing And Silent ~~~ You Embracing It~~~

If You gets Jealous And Be Too Protective Means You Care, You Love~~~

If It Makes You Wake Up And Smiles And Say " Good Morning And I Love You My Fuzzy Wuzzy, Owes Be And Owes Do!!!"

And You Shout That Out Loud Means You NEver Forget To Feel Love And Keep It~~~

And When You Can Move You Heart To Pray And Say " Thank You God, For Everything That YOu Bless ME With, Thank YOu For YOur Love And Thank YOu So Much That YOu Still Here With Me Though I'm A Sinner... YOu Still Have Faith On Me... God, Jesus, I Pray For My Love One And Proctect My Love Owes Though We are Apart~~~ And I Love My Love So Much Jesus... I Pray For My Love Lord... Bless My Love ... Amen"

It Means YOu Kept Your Promises YOu Made~~~

Love Will BE Differ From One Another~~~ Individual Define It differently~~~ YOu Have YOur Definition Of Love And I Have Mine~~~

It Is A Blessing That God Gave Everyone~~~ Everyone Has One~~~ Share and Never Keep It To YOurself~~~ 

Embrace It and Never Reject It

Hold On To and Never Let It Go

Learn From It Cos It Teaches Us To Be Better




You Know You Have It ~~~ Start Put Hope And Faith On It... It Will Be Strong~~~ And YOu'll Be Strong~~~

I Have Mine and Lost It but I Never Forget About It... Because It Makes Me Who I Am...

it Makes Me Strong ... It Makes Me True~~~

Keep It and Owes Remind Yourself...

Love Whole-fully~~~ 

Bruno George Sadiwa - 21/01/2012 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2nd Day Of New Year!!!!


2nd day Of 2012!!!

Still A Fan Of Lee Gikwang Hahhaha

Well I Woke Up On 4am today And
Go to the Toilet And Prepare Hot water ~~~

I Dreamed About The New Choco Drinks I Bought With My Fren ^^ Tambi!!! No La She Is Punan... Grace!!!

Hahaha Plus I was Hungry Hahaha

And I was Praying "God Please , Make Sure It Doesnt Taste like MILO!!! " HAhaha The Same thing I Said In My Dream!!!

Hahha And Cool It Tastes Different!!!

Well Actually I Wanted To Post This Hehehe ^^o

Its About Life!!!
So Enjoy Life 
And Love!!!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

5 More Days

~~~5 More Days To New Year~~~

5 More Days
My Faith???
Still A Stronghold
Discarding Bit By Bit The Dark side Of Myself

Hell You Negative Energies

I'm Gonna Kill You All...
No More You In My Self

Still Have Faith On It...
Still Keeping My Words
I'm Honouring It No Matter What

To Myself

Gonna Keep On Growing
Be Firm, Fair, And Consistent
Share What I Learned
Musics Is My Talent

To My Love One

I Will Love You No Matter What
You Have My Heart With You... Cos We Both Agreed That You Keep It
Sincerely I Need You
Thinking About You Is Fair Enough For Me
I Love You

To Jesus
I Broke Our Promises Jesus
I'm Sorry
I'm A Sinner
I'll Make it Up To You
I Promise

I Have My Plans
A Strong Plans

~~~Jesus I Need You Owes~~~

One Thing I Need To Do Before The Year 2012 Come

I Really-Really Need To Do It

~~~I Need You JESUS on This Help Me I Beg~~~

Sarang Hae Yo, Fuzzy Wuzzy Yeong Wonhi

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

There's Nothing Much I Can Say~~~

There's Nothing Much I Can Say... But This Song Can~~~

I LOVE YOU~~~ With All My Heart ... I Can't Afford To Lose You~~~ And You Know That...

~~~I LOVE YOU~~~

Here Is The MV

~~~ I'll Die For You If I Have Too~~~


Sunday, December 11, 2011

+ ~~~ HAVE FAITH ~~~ +


No matter How Hard Life Going To Be and Rough Your Day Is...

Be Strong And Be Wise On Everything...

NO One Says Life Going To Be EASY!!!

Yes Some Says "Life Can Be Easy If You Try"

This Is Because They Learn To Endure All The Pains and Hardships

We Live To Learn... Learn To Be Better ... 
Some Say Faith Wont Bring Anything... Its Actions That Matters...


I'm In Pain Now ...
A Hard Pain...
I Made Mistakes... I'm Not Perfect...
I'm Not A Perfect Diamond...

I Have Faith In Everything...
EVEN To The One I Love

I May Be Stupid And Fool
I Know I'm Not Good In Dating Or Giving
I'm So Naive

But It Doesn't Mean I Don't Have A Heart...

Every Second In My Life I Have You To Be On My Mind...

I Dono But I Really-Really Love You...

Say I'm Stupid Saying That

But Let Me Be There For You

I'm Sorry I Lost You Before... But Don't Want To Lose You Again...

Just Thinking About You... Give Me The Reason To Live...


Ya That's Me!!!


I Have Faith On You... Owes Do And Will Never Stop...

I LOVE YOU... FOREVER... Cos You HAve My HEart With You...

And Its Your's...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

~~~Nothing Gonna Break Me This Time~~~

How Long will I Be Like This???

I Guess Forever

I'm A Man With His Words

Its Been A While When Others Keep Telling Me To Give Up And Just Go

But I say This To My Self Lastime 
" TQ frens For Your Concerns Advices And Care... But I will make My Own Decision And No Matter What I'm Gonna Hold On To It..."

Say I'm Stupid , Babo - 바보 huhuhu But I'm your Babo no one else...

I'm Not Perfect and I'm Not Rich and I Know I'm Stubborn~~~

But I Love You So Much... I Don't care... Whatever You Are...Your Weaknesses your Lacking 


You Make Me feel Love... You Make Me The Guy Who Cooked For You ... You Make Me The Guy Who Took A Bus Just To Meet You... You Make Me The Guy Who Waited Every Night...
You make Me The One Who Smiles every time I woke Up... You make Me Strong every time I Listen To Your Voice,,, I Dont care

But You're The reason I'm Owes Strong now... Even Lastime...

I Can't Afford To Lose you AGAIN~~~

I'm Sorry But I Love You... I Never Had Someone Who Really-really Care For Me... And You Make Me To Breath Owes...

I Love You My FUZZY WUZZY... I DOn't Want Anyone Else But You....

Only You~~~

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SARANG HAE YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

~~~I Miss YOu~~~